About us


Vimac Vietnam JSC is specialized in cosmetic manufacture and processing supported by Vimaccos US in technology transfer, R&D and exclusive material.
  • Investment: $4,200,000
  • R&D Center: $1,200,000
  • Technology transfer from Vimaccos US
  • Exclusive formulas
  • Comprehensive supportive ecosystem


Vimac Vietnam was initiated at the concerns about the current state of Vietnamese cosmetic industry, along with understanding the founders' difficulties when creating their own cosmetic brands.
With the motto: "Inspired Concept - Pathway to Success", we hold the mission to become a companion and a reliable partner of each customer. As a convergence of elite in cosmetic research and production, Vimac Vietnam has many strategic partners in cosmetic power-nations all over the world.

Inheriting 25 years of experience in conquering the US market of Vimaccos US, we believe that Vimac Vietnam possesses full potentials to create a comprehensive ecosystem for customers. Since then, the customer's ideas are realized, becoming a feasible business plan.

Vimac Vietnam aims to become a leading company in the domestic industry of cosmetic manufacturing and processing. We create true-quality products with the vision of establishing Vietnamese cosmetics within the Asia region and also to the world


Vimac commits that:

1. We do not engage in retail market of our customers

2. We provide exclusive formulas that are effective and safe for users

3. We support our customers with comprehensive ecosystem.