What is OBM?

OBM service is a full-package cosmetic production and processing service, providing a comprehensive solution. Vimac will carry out a series of activities from brand consulting, active ingredient research, outsourcing & manufacturing, packaging, legal to communication activities and supporting cosmetics business. 

2. Why should you choose OBM service in Vimac?

With a team of long-term experience in the cosmetics industry, we converge fully capabilities to build a comprehensive ecosystem to support customers. You can choose the product brands we have developed, choose the recipes available in the sample library or customize according to your wishes. We will also provide communication options and build a consistent brand identity system, creating a stepping stone to help you build a successful brand. Vimac also owns a highly specialized sales team and a network of affiliated distributors ready to assist you in implementing your business effectively.  

We always commit that all activities are exclusive creations of Vimac. Every step in the process is strictly controlled for quality and timing. Vimac not only produces safe and quality products but also builds lasting brand value for customers.