1. What is ODM?

ODM service provides you with completely new, unique and quality product research and production service. Your business growth is our success.

From formula development for each product line to brand identity design and finished packaging, we will advise and assist you in creating a new brand effectively. During the ODM process, you will be consulted about active ingredients, product formulas that suit your own style and requirements. 

2. Why should you choose ODM service of Vimac?

Our R&D center is oriented to always follow the needs of the market. This is the place that will provide you with high quality, safe formulas and meet your production needs (geography, target audience, product features, ...) and come up with a recipe to be performed based on the committed timeline. Most importantly, Vimac owns a network of partners that supply raw materials, transfer formulas, and have high supply capacity, ensuring diversified choices.

If you are looking for a research unit that provides you with a unique and exclusive product formulation, Vimac will be your optimal choice. We will consult and support to design the brand identity synchronously on packaging, labels, salekits, samples, ... Vimac's goal is to realize all business ideas of customer.