Mascara review, mascara classification and how to use eyelash polish

We are always fascinated by long and thick lashes, which is why Mascara was born. No need for a makeup artist, eyeliner or eyeliner to get dreamy lashes, just choose the right mascara. The following article will review mascara, classify and guide the best way to use it. 

Review 10 types of Mascara currently on the market

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1. Review Waterproof Mascara

We always need waterproof mascara in our makeup bag for rainy dates or poolside summer days. Waterproof mascaras need to be weather, sweat, and tear resistant whether you are sobbing while watching romantic movies or attending a best friend's wedding party. 

At the top of the list is the EYEKO Beach Waterproof Mascara product that contains SPF, which helps to nourish eyelashes. This mascara not only helps protect your eyes, but also nourishes your lashes with a formula that includes coconut oil as a top ingredient.

waterproof mascara

2. Review Eyelash Extension Mascara

When you are looking for a longer eyelash, but you don't want extensions or eyelashes because of the inconvenience. You need a long-lasting mascara that evenly coats your lashes while nourishing it to grow. The best extensions of mascara will match those of the most impressive false lashes and extensions.

ELIZABETH MOTT with It's So Long Length Defining Mascara product line will surely satisfy you. The bristles on this brush are tiny and made of silicone, so each lash is covered evenly without clumping. Even the mascara is light enough not to affect the curl of the lashes.

silicone fiber elongating mascara 1

3. Review Eyelash Thickening Mascara

Capture your eyes with the best adhesion mascara to darken and curl your lashes, giving the illusion of a fake eyelash. You will want to use a dark mascara or a formula that is darker than your natural lashes at least a few tones.

The Volumizing Mascara in Black line is distinguished by its gentle thickening ability, is waterproof and lasts up to 36 hours. 

mascara thickens lashes

4. Review Eyelash Curling Mascara

Curling mascara helps your lashes curl, making them look longer and softer. No need for annoying eyelash curlers when you've got a mascara that curls your lashes regardless of gravity.

Roller Lash Curling Mascara thanks to the special "Hook" n "Roll" brush tip, each time your mascara is applied, your lashes will curl for 12 hours. 

mascara curl lashes

5. Review Lash Shaping Mascara

The key to shaping the mascara lashes is in the grooming tool. The grooming hairs should be designed to lift and cover each individual strand.

When it comes to versatility and multitasking capabilities, LANCÔME Definicils Lengtising & Defining Mascara in Black is the best choice. Whether you want a more natural look or you're hoping for a magical look, it can be easily adjusted to suit any makeup look. Squeeze one layer on your minimal days or three to four layers for exciting days. 

lash-shaping mascara

6. Review Mascara does not clump

The days of clumping mascara are long after you have been using them for a while, so it can be hard for you to freely groom your lashes.

Get Too Faced Cosmetic's Better Than Sex Mascara product. An hourglass curl tip sharpens and shapes your individual lashes. Apply two or three coats for the party or just apply a coat for makeup days like "no makeup".

anti-clumping mascara

7. Review Spinning Mascara

An amazing formula designed to wrap around individual lashes, thicken and lengthen them. Though most of these mascaras require a very strong makeup remover.

With one exception, THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara ™ in Brynn can be washed off more easily. This product also complements eyelash care with Orchid Stem Cell Complex ™, a natural ingredient that promotes growth.

split mascara

8. Review Mascara contains thickening fibers

There are lots of ways to thicken your lashes but if you need a breakout there's the help of synthetic fibers, threads as small as half a millimeter.

One of the prominent mini-eyelash-thickening products is Double Stacked Mascara with NYX's Nylon Lash Fibers. Double Stacked Mascara helps thicken lashes with tiny nylon, holding them firmly to your lashes.

fiber-thickening mascara

9. Review Mascara for lower lashes

Your lower lashes are shorter and harder to groom, so you need a nice little eyelash trimmer for maximum precision for your shortest lashes.

PIXI BY PETRA LashLift 188 can do just that. The product comes with two mascara buffers, so you don't have to worry about replacing the brushes when they are bent during use. The oil-based formula nourishes your lashes for a long, lasting look without smudging.

lower eyelash lash mascara

10. Review Colorless Mascara

Transparent mascara is the ultimate for every makeup look you're trying to find minimalism. The transparent formula allows your natural lash color to shine, while also assisting in the shape of the lashes. Transparent mascara provides the perfect shine for your lashes to add shine.

BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Clear Mascara is a leading mascara with a light and quick drying formula.

colorless mascara

There are many different types of mascara recipes and polishes with many different uses. We share the best mascara for every makeup need. Most importantly, most of these mascaras guarantee a long-lasting and non-smearing element. 

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