Top 10 famous cosmetic brands with the highest sales in 2020

The status quo of the top famous cosmetic brands in the world 

The value of the global cosmetic industry is estimated to increase 5.5% over the same period in 2019 and is expected to be worth $ 429.8 billion by 2022. By 2022, the global cosmetic market will grow at a rapid rate. CAGR is 4.3% when beauty trends are renewed. 

The world's major cosmetic brands driving this growth include Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Unilever by revenue in 2020. The global cosmetic industry is dominated by cosmetic brands. The largest product in the United States - US-based companies represent 4 of the top 10 in this list of cosmetic manufacturers. (According to BizVibe)

Trend of the global cosmetic industry

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  • The global cosmetic market is estimated to have grown by 5.5% year-on-year in 2019. 
  • Skin care accounts for 40% of the global cosmetic market. 
  • Johnson & Johnson is the largest cosmetics company in the world by 2020 with sales exceeding 82.06 billion USD. 
  • The beauty industry is valued at $ 532 billion. 
  • Targeting for reaching new demographics: The beauty industry is being dominated by the millennials (1981 - 1996)
  • The clean beauty movement continues to gain traction - Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as customers demand transparency. 
  • 21% of Americans are buying organic makeup. 
  • 48% of Millennials say they will buy products with CBD oil for their skin care. 
  • 51% of consumers want to see images through video
  • There are nearly 1 million employees in the service segments of the cosmetics industry. 
  • Skincare accounts for 60% of total profits in the beauty industry. 
  • Masks for skin care account for half of the total market share of Korean cosmetics. 
  • Four out of five American women report using fragrance products on a regular basis.

Top 10 famous cosmetic brands with the highest sales in the world by 2020 

Below is the Sales Ranking of famous cosmetic brands in the world. The article will detail the size of the company, sub-brands and main areas of leading cosmetic corporations.

Sales rankings of famous cosmetic brands in the world

Chart of Top 10 cosmetic brands with the highest revenue in 2020

  1. Johnson & Johnson 

American multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson is the largest cosmetic cosmetic brand in the world and ranked No. 1 on the list. The Group's focus areas are pharmaceuticals at 44.9%, medical equipment for 35.9%, and consumer products at 19.2%. 

In 2019, Johnson & Johnson reached revenue of 82.06 billion USD and ranked first in the Top revenue. The company was founded in 1886 in New Jersey, USA and has more than 132,200 employees worldwide. Johnson & Johnson's most notable cosmetic products include Neutrogena beauty products, Clean & Clear cleanser and Acuvue contact lenses. 

  • Establishment: 1886 
  • Headquarters: New Jersey, USA Johnson & Johnson 
  • Revenue: $ 82.06 billion Johnson & Johnson 
  • Number of employees: 132,200

Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Products and Brands

  • Ci: Labo 
  • NeoStrata 
  • Exuviance 
  • Dabao
  1. Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble 

Ranked No. 2 on the list is Procter & Gamble - a multinational consumer goods corporation with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. With revenue of 67.7 billion USD last year, Procter & Gamble became the second largest cosmetic company in the world. The company specializes in various wellness and personal care segments including beauty, home wellness. Procter & Gamble currently operates in the US, Canada, Hungary, Brazil, UK, Australia and many other countries. 

  • Established: 1837 
  • Procter & Gamble Headquarters: Ohio, USA 
  • Revenue: $ 67.7 billion 
  • Number of employees: 97,000 

Brand and cosmetic products Procter & Gamble 

  • Baby Care 
  • Fabric Care 
  • Family Care 
  • Feminine Care
  • Grooming Hair Care
  • Home Care 
  • Oral Care 
  • Personal Health 
  • Care Skin & Personal Care
  1. Unilever

Third on the list is Unilever. Unilever is a UK-Dutch multinational consumer goods company with headquarters in London, UK and Rotterdam, Netherlands. The company specializes in cleaning agents, beauty products and personal care products in the cosmetic segment. In addition, the company also specializes in food, energy drinks, ice cream and tea products in other segments. Currently, Unilever owns more than 400 sub-brands, making it one of the largest companies in brand ownership. The group currently owns 13 sub-brands with annual revenue of more than 1 billion euros, including ice cream Ax / Lynx, Dove, Omo, Heartbrand, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Rexona / Degree, Sunsilk, and Surfing. . In 2019, Unilever achieved revenue of 58.03 billion USD. 

  • Established: 1929 
  • Unilever Headquarters: London, UK, UK & Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
  • Revenue: 58.03 billion USD 
  • Number of employees: 155,000 

Unilever Brand and Cosmetic Products

  • Axis 
  • Clear 
  • Where is it 
  • Rexona 
  • Eskinol 
  • Lifebuoy
  1. L'Oreal

L'Oréal ranks 4th on the list of world's top cosmetic manufacturers by 2020 sales. L'Oreal is one of the only companies on this list that focuses primarily on cosmetics. The company is known for its products specializing in hair, skin care, sunscreen, makeup, perfumes, and hair care. In 2019, L'Oréal generated $ 33.34 billion in revenue - mostly from cosmetics. L'Oréal currently employs 89,331 employees at the company. 

  • Establishment: 1909 
  • L'Oréal Headquarters: Clichy, France 
  • Revenue: 33.34 billion USD
  • Number of employees: 89,331 

The brand of cosmetics products L'Oréal

  • L'Oreal Paris 
  • Color&Co 
  • Umbrella 
  • Garnier 
  • Maybelline 
  • NYX Cosmetics 
  • SoftSheen-Carson 
  • Carol’s Daughter 
  • Beauty Creators 
  • Essie 
  • Magic 
  • Niely 
  • Colorama 
  • 3ce
  1. Kao Kao Corporation

Is a chemical and cosmetic company headquartered in Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Chūō, Tokyo, Japan. Kao is 5th in the list of Top Revenue. In 2019, Kao reached revenue of 14.7 billion USD. Kao owns many notable brands including Attack, Ban, Kanebo, .... Kao is the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Japan by 2020. 

  • Established: 1887 
  • Kao Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan 
  • Revenue: $ 14.7 billion 
  • Number of employees: 34,743 

Brand Kao Products

  • Attack 
  • Ban 
  • I'm taking 
  • Biozet 
  • Curel 
  • Goldwell 
  • Guhl 
  • Healthya 
  • Jergens 
  • John Frieda 
  • Kanebo 
  • Kate 
  • KMS 
  • Laurel 
  • Liese 
  • Magiclean 
  • MegRhythm 
  • Merries Merit 
  • Molton Brown 
  • Oribe 
  • Secret 
  • Sofina 
  • Success
  1. Estee Lauder

Known for its prestigious line of skincare, makeup, perfumes, and hair care products, Estée Lauder is ranked 6th with sales of $ 13.68 billion. The company owns a diversified portfolio of sub-brands, distributed internationally through both digital commerce and retail. Estée Lauder's most popular cosmetic sub-brands include Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, Darphin and many others. 

  • Establishment: 1946 
  • Estée Lauder Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA 
  • Revenue: $ 13.68 billion 
  • Number of employees: 46,000

Product brand Estée Lauder

  • AERIN 
  • BECCA 
  • Bobbi Brown 
  • Clinical 
  • Darphin 
  • DECIEM by Brandon Truaxe 
  • Estee Lauder 
  • The sea 
  • Lab Series 
  • MAC Cosmetics 
  • Origins 
  • Prescriptives 
  • Smashbox 
  • Too Faced 
  • Tom Ford Beauty 
  • Aveda 
  • Bumble and Bumble 
  • Aramis 
  • By Kilian 
  • DKNY Fragrances 
  • Donna Karan Cosmetics 
  • Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle 
  • Ermenegildo Zegna Perfumes 
  • Jo Malone London 
  • Kiton 
  • Lauder (Fragrances)
  • The laboratory 
  • Michael Kors Beauty 
  • RODIN luxury oil 
  • The Ordinary by Brandon Truaxe 
  • Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries 
  • Tom Ford Beauty 
  • Tory Burch Beauty
  1. Shiseido 

The cosmetic brand Shiseido ranked 7th with sales exceeding 9.9 billion USD. Originally a personal care company in Japan, Shiseido is the 2nd largest manufacturer of skin care, hair care, cosmetics and perfumes in Japan. Established over 148 years ago, Shiseido is also considered one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world.

  • Established: 1872 
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan 
  • Revenue: 9.9 billion USD 
  • Number of employees: 38,640
  1. Coty, Inc.

Coty, Inc. is the 8th largest cosmetic brand in the world with a turnover of 9.4 billion USD. Coty Inc. is an American multinational beauty company founded in 1904 by François Coty. Coty specializes in cosmetics, perfumes, hair care and skin care. The most popular Coty sub-brands include Alexander McQueen, JOOP !, Dolce & Gabbana. Not only that, the company is known for its 51% stake in Kylie Cosmetics, owned by celebrity Kylie Jenner. 

  • Established: 1904 Coty, Inc. 
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA 
  • Revenue: $ 9.4 billion 
  • Number of employees: 20,000

Brand Coty, Inc.

  • Kylie Cosmetics 
  • Bourjois 
  • Clairol 
  • CoverGirl 
  • Ghd 
  • Max Factor 
  • OPI 
  • Rimmel 
  • Sally Hansen 
  • Improve
  1. Beiersdorf Beiersdorf 

Ranked 9th in the rankings with revenue of $ 8.9 billion in 2019. Beiersdorf AG is a German multinational company specializing in the manufacture of personal care products and pressure adhesives. Beiersdorf is known for its brands like Elastoplast, Eucerin (the manufacturer of Aquaphor), Labello, La Prairie, Nivea, tesa and Coppertone. 

  • Established: 1882 
  • Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany 
  • Revenue: $ 8.9 billion 
  • Number of employees: 20,059

Brand Beiersdorf Cosmetics

  • Elastoplast 
  • Eucerin (makers of Aquaphor) 
  • Labello La Prairie 
  • Nivea 
  • Tesa (tesa tape) 
  • Coppertone
  1. AmorePacific 

Ranked last in the list of the top 10 largest cosmetic brands in the world by 2020 is Amorepacific Corporation, a Korean cosmetics and beauty group. Owning more than 30 beauty, personal care and wellness brands including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude and Innisfree, Amorepacific has generated $ 5.5 billion in revenue.

  • Established: 1882
  • Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany 
  • Revenue: $ 8.9 billion 
  • Number of employees: 20,059

Amorepacific cosmetic brand

  • Aestura 
  • Amorepacific 
  • Amos Professional
  • Aritaum 
  • Dantrol 
  • Hope 
  • Etude House 
  • Fresh Pop 
  • Goutal Paris 
  • Hanyul 
  • Happy Bath 
  • time 
  • Innisfree 
  • IOPE 
  • Laneige

The future of the global cosmetics industry 

The industry has focused more on demographics and user insight. The major cosmetic brands in the world have changed their strategies in response to market trends. For example, creating cosmetic brands with sustainable value, quality products, and more transparency in ingredients and uses. Competition helps create reputable brands and quality products. 

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