What is Mascara? Mascara's dramatic birth history - A popular beauty tool for modern women

Mascara is an integral part of your daily beauty routine. Few people know that Mascara was formed from 4000 BC. So what is Mascara? The history of mascara's birth like? Let's find out together!

1. What is Mascara? 

Mascara is a tool to brush and polish eyelashes, making eyelashes look more beautiful, thicker, making eyes more attractive and attractive. Currently, on the market there are many lines of Mascara products for you to choose from:

- If your lashes are sparse, you can use a mascara that contains small lashes to thicken them.

- If your lashes are light or short, use a black mascara that contains silicone elongators to create doll-like eyes without the need for extensions or eyelashes.

- If you have not found the right mascara, you can refer to the following article: Review 10 types of mascara available on the market to choose from. 

With modern technology and fierce competition, cosmetic companies continually improve their products, creating a vibrant and colorful mascara market. 

2. History and development of Mascara

Year 4000 BC

The famous ancient Egyptians loved bold eyeliner, they made their own primitive eyeliner and mascara as make-up and eye protection. Since almost any ash can give a good pigmentation, they use a lot of different recipes - everything from burning almonds to using lead. for lash colors, they used lash colorants that were a mixture of crocodile feces and honey.


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Year 100 BC

The ancient Romans believed that long dark lashes were a sign of purity because they believed that excessive sex caused them to fall out. To possess long and black lashes, Roman women used burnt rose petals, date pits, ash, antimony and soot on their lashes.

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Year 900 C.E.

Persian writer and fashion man Ziryab opened a makeup school in Spain, where he taught women how to make mascara and other cosmetics from soot and antimony.

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Year 1500

Despite opposition from the Church, Renaissance women surreptitiously used makeup. The popular mascara product at that time was crushed walnut shell, used to dye the lashes darker.

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Victorian women really liked make-up and the painters from the Pre-Rapahelite Brotherhood drew pictures with long lashes that set a trend. The mascara formula is once again reappearing in a more diverse way. The recipe includes everything from a mixture of ash and elderberry to light black, soot from kerosene lamps.

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Year 1917

Eugene Rimmel sells the first mascara on the mass market. The name Mascara is formed from the word "rimmel" which reads as "mascara" in the languages ​​of the Mediterranean countries. The first Mascara product in the world was made from oil and coal bran. Unlike modern tubular mascara, Rimmel initially has a cake shape that a woman can use a mascara brush to shave.

mascara first


In 1933, a mascara named Lash Lure killed one woman and blinded more than a dozen others. This spurred the passage of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which allowed the FDA to lax surveillance to ensure the safety of personal care products.

mascara lash

Then, in 1938, the first waterproof mascara hit the market. Unfortunately, it's mostly made of turpentine, so early adopters love itchy, red and injured eyes and an unpleasant odor.


Maybelline launches Ultra Lash Mascara, the first modern "automatic" mascara with a brush in the mascara tube. It's safe, lightweight, and waterproof, and Veruschka's lashes quickly grow all over the place. This product marked an important milestone to help confirm the Maybelline brand in the cosmetic market at that time.

The first tubular mascara maybeline

In 1988

Max Factor launches No Color, the first transparent mascara. "No makeup" fans around the world are delighted.

first colorless mascara

Year 2000 until now

In modern times, we have seen the launch of a wide range of Mascara brands in a wide range of categories: shapes, sizes, formulations and uses. We embrace tubular mascara, vibrate mascara and a variety of new lash extensions, volume, and thickening formulas.

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Above is the history of Mascara, do you want to own a Mascara product made in Vietnam? Let Vimac make that happen. Vimac is currently the first full-package cosmetic processor in Vietnam to own an Mascara production line exclusively transferred from Vimaccos US. 

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